Type 28
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Type 28
Implant for replacement of defects of tubular bones
General Information:

CNI Type 28 is a firm, porous composite of carbon fibers connected by a nanostructured carbon matrix. The properties of the material are close to those of a human bone. CNI Type 28 is used for osteosynthesis and is designed for replacing interfragmentary diastasis during limb lengthening as well as for restoring the height of femoral and tibial condyles by impacted fractures.


CNI Type 28 is used to restore of the height of femoral and tibial condyles by impression fractures, to treat Erlacher-Blount syndrome; after a CT scan, the level of damage of the bone or the apex of its deformation is determined.

Radiography is performed on the operating table, with needle markers placed at the level of the bone injury or the apex of deformation. Afterwards soft tissues are dissected down to the bone in the center of the deformation angle.

In case of Erlacher-Blount disease the inner cortical plate is dissected at the deformation apex; an osteotome cuts through the bone to the opposite cortical plate. Then, the longitudinal axis is corrected by moving the lower leg outwards, and a wedge-shaped implant of the appropriate size is inserted into the resulting diastasis, fixed by a support plate.


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Available product dimensions
D, mm10-28 с шагом 2 мм
H, mm10-28 с шагом 2 мм