Type 8
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Type 8
Implant for replacement of vertebral body defects
General Information:

CNI Type 8 is a firm, porous composite of carbon fibers connected by a nanostructured carbon matrix. The properties of the material are close to those of a human bone. CNI Type 8 is used for osteosynthesis and is intended for full or partial replacement of vertebral bodies; can be combined with autogenous bone.


CNI Type 8 is used for spinal injuries and diseases. A thoracotomy is performed to access damaged thoracic vertebrae.
The paravertebral pleura is dissected above the damaged vertebral body.

Partial or subtotal corporectomy and resection of the adjacent intervertebral discs are performed. A carbon implant of the appropriate size is inserted into the resulting interbody defect.

In case of a full vertebral body removal, spacers with a longitudinal groove with support on the higher and lower vertebrae are used. A rib autotransplant is inserted into the longitudinal groove in order to accelerate the formation of a bone-carbon block.


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Available product dimensions
D, mm22242628
H, mm20-60 с шагом 2 мм