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Type 30
Implant for replacement of defects of tubular bones
General Information:

CNI Type 30 is a firm, porous composite of carbon fibers connected by a nanostructured carbon matrix. The properties of the material are close to those of a human bone. CNI Type 30 is used for the replacement of bone defects in upper and lower extremities caused by injuries or surgical interventions. In case of osteomyelitic bone lesions in upper and lower extremities it is possible to use the implant as a medication container.


When a CNI Type 30 is placed, the interfragmentary diastasis is opened and the scar tissue is removed from it. The marrow cavity is opened.

The ends of the fragments are worked until the transverse shape is achieved. An implant is selected based on the size of the diastasis, and its end protrusions are inserted into the opened marrow cavity. Bridge plate osteosynthesis is carried out for fixation, and once the wound is closed a plaster splint is applied or osteosynthesis with the Ilizarov apparatus is carried out for a period of 4-6 weeks.

During this time, a bone-carbon block and a connective tissue scar around the implant are formed, which allows the limb to withstand functional loads.


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Available product dimensions
D, mm2022242628
H, mm30-78 с шагом 2 мм