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NanoTechMed Plus is an innovative domestic company focused on development of technologies and industrial production of carbon medical components.

The idea of choosing carbon as the material for manufacturing medical products is based on its unique natural property – a high level of biological compatibility. Carbon, being a part of living nature, is involved in forming all the tissues of the human body: around 70% of the human muscle mass and 40% of the bone tissue consist of carbon. We have made this unique feature of carbon the basis for development of a composite material that is as close to the human bone as possible in its physico-technical and medico-biological characteristics.

In collaboration with the leading specialists in traumatology, orthopedics, neurosurgery and oral & maxillofacial surgery, the company develops and implements new medical technologies in treatment and rehabilitation for patients suffering from musculoskeletal system diseases, which involve using carbon nanostructure implants (CNI).

CNI are far superior to the known analogues made of titanium, ceramics and other materials
The import-substituting carbon nanostructure implants produced by the company are far superior to the known analogues made of titanium, ceramics and other materials. CNI are a firm, porous composite of carbon fibers connected by a nanostructure carbon matrix. The properties of the material are close to those of a human bone. CNI can be used for partial and full replacement of vertebral bodies and/or intervertebral discs damaged by spinal cord injury or spinal diseases; for
replacement of defects caused by upper and lower extremity fractures; for substitution of interfragmentary diastasis during limb lengthening; by osteomyelitic, tubercular and malignant bone lesions; for restoring the height of femoral and tibial condyles by impacted fractures; for replacement of neurocranial bone defects.

The company invests heavily in the creation of new medical technologies, as well as research and development activities aimed to improve the CNI and invent other medical products made of carbon.

In order to further improve the CNI and provide a wide clinical usage thereof, the company actively cooperates with the leading medical centers in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Kurgan, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Tyumen and Rostov-on-Don.

The company is interested in acquiring the rights to intellectual property (patents, know-how) connected to manufacturing techniques of various medical products made of carbon, and is looking to cooperate with specialists in that field.

Developing and introducing new medical technologies of treatment and rehabilitation of patients using the CNI, the company aims to maximally meet the needs of patients in high-tech areas of healthcare, and to improve their quality of life.